Want to be a Fashion Stylist

Want to be a Fashion Stylist

Want to be a fashion Stylist: Step-by-step Guide towards Fashion Stylist Career

A fashion stylist career could be as rewarding as other streams in the fashion industry. However, becoming a fashion stylist requires some fundamental attributes such as creativity, an eye for detail, and an organic and extensive understanding of fashion. With these at hand, you are only a few steps away from a fashion stylist career. Let us proceed to look at what are those steps.

Being a fashion stylist entails three important aspects. Besides working as a fashion stylist with a fashion entrepreneur, an individual can freelance or be employed as a personal stylist for clients, commercial stylist for advertisements, movies, fashion shows, etc. and as an editorial stylist who works for magazines, digital media, and design books, etc. Interestingly, all these career options could be lucrative, as far as you invest time and resources in pursuing the right degree or diploma course in fashion styling. Here’s a step by step guide on how to become a fashion stylist and head on towards a bright and rewarding career in the fashion industry.

Step by Step Guide on Becoming a Fashion Stylist

For extensive exposure, you would be required to undergo a formal regular fashion designing course from a reputed fashion designing college. The right curriculum taught by the best fashion trainers would help you establish your own forte and build your identity in the fashion market. Here are some steps that you may follow for a fashion stylist career.

Step 1: Most of the employers around the world demand some kind of a degree or diploma courses in fashion styling to qualify for a job. Therefore, successful completion of a fashion designing degree or diploma of a duration of around 3-4 years is necessary to gain entry.

Step 2: Investing some initial years in gaining some fundamental industrial experience is always a better idea as that would help you gain practical insights regarding the people in the industry, quoting commercials, and also closely understand the contemporary fashion trends.

Step 3: The next, and also a critical step is to develop a portfolio in order to tap potential clients, and start working as a fashion stylist for them. Portfolio development is multi-faceted. As a beginner, your portfolio would include your designs developed during academics, while pitching as a celebrity stylist; your portfolio would be comprised of your professional designs.

Step 4: Being just technically sound isn’t enough! Career as a fashion stylist requires you to keep up with the latest fashion trends and interact with industry peers, develop industrial connections, and so on. Remember, the more visible you and your work are, the better it is from the business perspective.

Hope, this simple 4 step guide would help you establish your name and identity as the top fashion stylist across the world. All the best!

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