City Of Oxford College

City Of Oxford College

A Partnership between City of Oxford College and Times and Trends Academy

Moving from National to International

City Of Oxford College, Oxford, UK


Times and Trends Academy (TTA) has collaborated with City of Oxford College to offer a unique opportunity to students. Students learning at Times and Trends Academy will be able to choose and study a vocational course from City of Oxford College, UK. Students will get a Dual Specialization after the completion of the course.

City Of Oxford College

About City of Oxford College:

  • This college is the International brand of Activate Learning. It has over 60 years of success for Vocational education. The Oxford-based group delivers career-focused learning.
  • This college trains students in secondary, further and higher education, apprenticeships and workforce skills with the clear purpose to transform lives through learning and set a clear line of sight for employment.
  • The reputation is founded on the ability to deliver highly employable people, well-prepared for success in the working environment. This is done by applying the unique Activate Learning’s Philosophy and Practice of Extensive Engagement of industry partners at all stages in the design and delivery of skills development.

Oxford of East meets Oxford of West

Times and Trends Academy’s global partner for education, City of Oxford, U.K, recently visited TTA’s Pune office in India. City of Oxford College is run by the parent organization, Activate Learning. Activate Learning Directors; Anne Haig-Smith and Francis Laws interacted with TTA’s Directors, Management, Faculties and Students.

The Training & Development session

Anne and Francis held a two-day workshop for students and staff members at TTA – Deccan, Pune.
In their sessions, they talked about what is learning cycle and how effectively we can build a learning environment in five steps.

For me, visiting TTA has been a very uplifting experience because as soon as we came into this building, we became conscious of the shared vision, and to the heart of that vision is students’ success. Everywhere that we have looked, we have seen the most immense attention to detail, and that attention to the detail is aimed at making success more likely. It is a very powerful experience for students to be in an environment where everybody is aiming at the same thing, and we have seen absolute consistency across the centres we visited, and across all the staff we met. The staff, all of them believe that they can make a difference.

Francis Lawson,Director of English – Activate Learning

It’s a real thrill for me to be here at TTA. To be here is very exciting. It’s amazing to have come across the world and find an educational institution that has the same vision and values that we have in City of Oxford College. It’s just extraordinary, and we are very proud of our learning philosophy. And yet we come to Pune in India and we find TTA has a very similar philosophy which puts the students at the heart of everything that they do. And what we really like is that TTA focuses on progress in students’ careers and their rest of the lives. So, we are absolutely thrilled to be in partnership with TTA. And we really love the consistency and the energy that Amit Agrawal brings to everything that he does. And we look forward to working with TTA over the coming years.

Anne Haig-Smith, Director of Applied Learning Foundation – Activate Learning

Amit Agrawal - Founder and Chairman at Times and Trends Academy

“It was a great learning experience for everyone at TTA. I am incredibly motivated now because TTA and City of Oxford College share a similar vision. And to have an educational partner in other part of the world with the same values and beliefs, puts a tremendous faith in the system that we are following. It was a perfect development and brainstorming session. We exchanged a lot of ideas, and shared the best practices in the education domain. The way they inculcate the learning habit in students is our key take-away. We look forward to implementing the best practices so that students here have a growth mindset. “

Amit Agrawal, Founder and Chairman, Times and Trends Academy

Times and Trends Academy had a great time hosting their contemporaries from City of Oxford College, UK and gain new insights. TTA goes an extra mile to improve education system so that students can transform their dreams into reality and shape their careers!

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