Professional Certification Course in Banking

Professional Certification Course in Banking

Professional Certification Course in Banking for a High-Flying Career in Banking

Banking is considered to be one of the most conventional and secure career choices. However, over the years, the banking sector, as a career choice has undergone several changes, with the advent of technology only adding to the changes that have happened. As banking is gradually transiting from manual operations to automated ones, today, budding banking professionals cannot limit them to achieving technical proficiency, but they also need to be smarter and technologically sound to ensure that they keep up with the growing consumer demands. In this view, this blog talks about seeking professional certification in banking and the course content professed through a couple of courses.

Attributes of a Good Banker

Before we proceed to understand the details of the banking courses on offer, it is necessary to take a look at some of the attributes of a good banker. The foremost is understanding money. Remember, bankers, as they deal with money, come with an exclusive skill set that makes them successful at their jobs. Hence, as a banker, it is imperative for you to understand and value money. Besides, a good banker, based on his job requirements, must also be well-versed with various investment options, the ability to compute various financial statements, and most importantly, must be a visionary, a good forecaster, and above all, honest!

Banking Courses

We’d be talking about 2 courses, out of which, the first is certificate course in Banking, and the other is postgraduate diploma in financial management and banking (or vice versa). The nomenclature of the course, along with the course content would vary though with the institute that offers it.

  • Professional Certification in Banking
  • Duration – 3 months
  • Eligibility – 10+2 (or more, as required by the institute)
  • Course Content – The course deals with the Indian banking system, developing proficiency at advanced MS-Excel, understanding various types of loans, mortgages, along with the fundamentals and market specific comprehension of sales and marketing.

 PG Diploma in Banking and Financial Management

  • Duration – 3 months
  • Eligibility – Bachelor’s degree in any discipline from the recognized university, or in some cases, Bachelor’s degree with a couple of years of working experience.
  • Course Content: Business economics, organizational behavior, CSR, information systems for managers, business communication, financial accounting and analysis, strategic management, business law, marketing management, commercial banking system, RBI’s role, corporate finance, retail banking, financial services marketing, taxation, management accounting, financial institutions, insurance and risk management, and others.

As far as past experiences go, there has always been a high demand for banking professionals with private as well as nationalized banks. Hence, banking could be termed a secure career option in the long run. These courses along with others would help you gain an entry in the banking sector, and contribute to a high-flying career in it. All the best!

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