What are the Career Prospects, Fee, Salary and the List of Accounting Finance Diploma?

What are the Career Prospects, Fee, Salary and the List of Accounting Finance Diploma?

What are the Career Prospects, Fee, Salary and the List of Accounting Finance Diploma?

Learning and knowledge are two of the important dimensions of every course, but what also concerns (in fact more than everything else!) are the job opportunities and the subsequent salary. Hence, acknowledging the fact the tangible aspects of an accounting finance diploma as well are important, we’d be compiling some vital quantifiable details such as accounting finance diploma career prospects, fee, salary, and also the list of some of the accounting finance diplomas available around.

Accounting Finance Diploma Career Prospects | Diploma in Financial Management Salary, Career Prospects

Accounting and finance are career options that would never go out of demand. Yes, regardless whether it is manufacturing, technology, tourism or any other industry, accounting and finance professionals would be required, no matter what! It is conventionally believed that accounting and finance professional land up as accountants, billing executives, bookkeepers, or at the most, as finance managers. Yes, the fact is that it is true, but only partially! Modern-age businesses and their advanced and complex requirements have given birth to a large number of other positions with distinct responsibilities with varying impacts on the business. As someone who successfully completes the diploma in financial accounting, the following positions would open up. Some of these positions, of course, could open up only after a certain level of qualifying and quantifying experience.

The salary range mentioned in the following table is indicative, and may vary with organization, the market or the city you work in, the complexities involved, etc.

Job PositionSalary Range Annual(Tentative)
Financial Assistant2-3 lacs
Accountants2-3 lacs
Accounts Executive2-3 lacs
Financial Service Analyst3-4 lacs
Finance Management (Based on the experience gained)8-9 lacs

Other positions that the accounting and finance professionals may expect are market analyst, customer service representative, investment analyst, loan officer, financial controller, assistant controller corporate analyst, administrative officer, etc.

Speaking about the accounting finance diploma course fees, it of course varies from university, the institute and its reputation. However, typically, the fee ranges from 35,000 INR to 1.50 lacs, and in some cases, even more.

List of Accounting Finance Diploma Courses

Now there are several courses. We’d be enlisting some of them though. Some of the following courses are extremely specific, while some are holistic. Nevertheless, it depends on your interest, and the career stream that you want to choose.

  • Diploma in Advance Accounting
  • Diploma in Tally Software
  • Diploma in Accounting and Auditing
  • Diploma in Advance Cost Accounting
  • Advance Diploma in Taxation
  • Diploma in Financial Accounting and Taxation
  • Diploma in Customs and Central Excise
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Taxation
  • Advanced Diploma in Financial Accounting and Taxation and many others.

Relying excessively on the lucrative salary part of the glorified positions could drive you away from the learning element of the course. Remember, learning is the base of every course that you do, and therefore, if that is strong enough and sustainable, career and salary are bound to fall in place. So, learn and win!

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