Jewellery Designing Course

Jewellery Designing Course at Times and Trends Academy

Times and Trends Academy offers a Jewellery Designing Course for talented aspirants who want to build their career in designing fine jewellery! The act of designing jewellery pieces requires creativity, hard work and dedication.

  • Jewellery market is doing a business of Rs.63,000 crore globally.
  • This has caused an increasing demand for jewellery in the market
  • And also led to rise in employment opportunities’ for Jewellery designers.

Nowadays there are also a lot of new prospects for Jewellery design due to the use of modern technology. But very few Jewellery Design courses focus on practical training of jewellery construction.

TTA’s Jewellery Designing Course will cover topics such as Gemstone Rendering and shaping, Jewellery Stones, Colour grading, Cut grading, etc.
After the completion of the course, you can become a Jewellery Designer, Accessory Designer, Diamond Grader and more importantly make your mark in the industry!

DURATION:1 Year Jewellery Designing Course:

  • Jewellery Design   (3 months)
  • Diamond Grading   (3 months)
  • Colour Stone Identification   (3 months)
  • Jewellery Manufacturing  (2 months)
  • CAD    (2 months)

Complementary Course

  • Accessory Design   (1 month)

* Note that students can enroll for any individual course mentioned above, if they don’t want to pursue a set combination from one year course.

ELIGIBILITY:Candidates should have passed SSC Board Examination (Class 10).
CERTIFICATION:Times and Trends Academy




Jewellery Designing: Jewellery Designer | Fashion Jeweller | Lapidary | Gemmologist | Craftsmen | Assorter |Freelancer | Manufacturer | CAD designer |Bench Jeweller |

Accessory Design: Entrepreneur | Work in Design offices | Work in commercial and Retail Areas | Freelancer | Educational Sector |

Diamond Grading: Jewellery manufacturer | Goldsmith

Colour Stone Identification: Lab Gemmologist | Gemstone Appraiser | Gem Manufacturing, Cutting and Designing |
Gemstone Jeweller | Auction Gemmologist | Wholesale Gemstone Buyer |

CAD: 3D Jewellery Designing business | Jewellery firm | Jewellery manufacturing Industry|

Jewellery designing course will cover topics of Jewellery Design, Colour-stone Identification, Diamond Grading, Jewellery Manufacturing and CAD.

  • The Jewellery Design covers the Basics of Designing, Rendering, Theme-based designing & Introduce students to International markets.
  • Diamond grading covers the 4C’s, by which we can identify diamond’s price and quality.
  • The Colour-stone Identification subject will teach students the visual observation required for gems, Species of a gemstone, Physical and optical properties of a gemstone, etc.
  • We also teach Computer-aided application software (CAD) to our students in this one year.

Along with these subjects, students can take a complementary course on Accessory Design.
An emphasis on practical training along with conceptual knowledge will be given throughout the Jewellery Designing course.

1)Sources of Inspiration

  • What is primary and secondary research?
  • How to modify your research into jewellery?
  • Why observation and creativity are important in jewellery?
  • What role does inspiration play in jewellery designing?

2)Basics of Designing

  • How important are the principles of designing?
  • Materials used in jewellery
  • How to draw different types of stones and motifs.
  • Different types of settings used in jewellery to set stones.

  • Why colouring is so effective then a black and white design?
  • Colouring of metals from Gold to Platinum
  • Gemstones and different types of colours
  • Textures that can be shown on the metals.

4)Indian Market

  • Study of the market – Jaipur, kolkata, mumbai, south.
  • Stones, settings, metals, navratna, design style
  • Designing of jewellery pieces that are famous in the domestic market from Necklace to Rings.
  • How to use proper measurements and design setting
 5)Theme-Based Designing

  • Choosing of particular topic. E.g. Bees
  • Research and analysis on bees and the connection you can depict with day to day life
  • Colour combinations, habitat, behaviour can be depicted in various ways in to designing (conceptual)

6)International Markets

  • U.S. Market
  • German Market
  • British Market
  • French Market
  • Japanese Market

7)Portfolio Making

The Jewellery Design course has a systematic course curriculum for students. After the students opt for the course they will acquire knowledge and skills which are relevant in the industry.


Sonali Tribhuvan


Head of Department: Jewellery Design
Educational Qualification: Diploma in Jewellery Design from University of Arts London
Work Experience: 4+ years

Rahul Rao


Business Head for Jewellery Domain
Educational Qualification: Master in Gemmology & Jewellery Design from SIG

Work Experience: 4 years

Swati Singh


Mentor and Career Consultant in Jewellery at TTA
Educational Qualification: Graduate Coloured stones, Diamonds (GIA, New York)

Work Experience: 3 years


How can we take individual courses?

Students who won’t be able to pursue one year course of Jewellery Design, can take any individual course from the following:

  • Jewellery Design (3 months)
  • Diamond Grading (3 months)
  • Colour Stone Identification (3 months)
  • Jewellery Manufacturing (3 months)
  • CAD (2 months)
  • Accessory Design (2 months)

*Fees will be as per the individual course requirements.

Which certificate will I get after taking individual course?

You will get a certification of Times and Trends Academy by taking up courses on Jewellery Design, Diamond Grading, Colour Stone Identification, Jewellery Manufacturing, CAD and Accessory Design.


Teaching Faculty

We have extremely talented teaching faculty for the Jewellery design course.
The Head of Jewellery Department has completed her education from The University of Arts London. She is well aware of the career opportunities and scope of Jewellery design course. Along with her, teaching faculty with industry experience will train and guide students to become professional in this field.

Portfolio Making

TTA encourages students to create their own portfolios by the end of the course. Our faculty will guide the students throughout the whole process. These portfolios will help students to showcase their work and get employed in the industry.


We encourage and mentor our students to be competitive. Students participate in many different types of competitions to gain exposure.

  • Zephyrr
  • MJIF: Malaysia International Jewellery Fair
  • A’ Design Award & Competition
  • International Pearl Design Contest
  • Goyam Jewellery Design Competition
  • Heritage Jewellery Design Awards

E-learning Portal & TTA Youth App

Times & Trends Academy has their own e-learning portal and TTA Youth App for the students. Due to these facilities, our students will have lifetime access to lectures and study materials.


Priya Shah

“I found out about Times and Trends Academy on social media. My tutor here are more like a mentor and they co-operate and help me n my other batchmates in every possible way. We have been to various exhibitions and educational trips like mineral museum in Sinnar, JW Mariott exhibit, Devrai Art Village and the list is never ending.

We are also given various opportunities to try our hand at from research and development to accessory making and participating in various competitions.”

Priya Shah

Ajinkya Karhale

“I would recommend TTA to anyone who’s looking to make their careers in jewellery domain. I come from a family of jewellery designers and my father and brother passed on a lot of knowledge to me, but I was still surprised by the amount of information that I didn’t know before. The course teaches a lot of things, right from the basics to the advanced plus my mentor also guided me on how to start a business and even how to go for interviews for jobs. We also had so many established designers come and share their experience with us. The course at TTA goes beyond just subject matter and is a complete concept in itself. Thank you so much, TTA!”

Ajinkya Karhale

Shreeya Kulkarni

“Being a Jewellery Designer, I was looking for an academy with experience and highly-trained staff specifically for Rhinoceros CAD software. TTA exceeded my expectations in terms of facilities and learning. Learning the software from Sonali mam was a pleasurable experience. With her guidance, I was able to learn all the tools in rhino required for jewellery in short span of time.  Thank you TTA for this amazing experience and for the constant support given by the faculty.”

Shreeya Kulkarni

Durga Parihar

“Hi, I am Shweta. I am die-hard fan of Designing be it drawing, rendering, painting or making handcrafted things. So I decided to explore this field of Art & Design which is new for many people.

“Chocolate is good but jewellery is carb-free.” I have always believed in this qoute. This field welcomed me with open arms just the way Times and Trends Academy did. It has been a very resourceful journey for me.

The most important thing about the course is you get all the necessary knowledge for this field at one place from Designing to Diamond grading and CAD etc.”

Durga Parihar

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