Interior Designing Courses Fees Details

Interior Designing Courses Fees Details

How much an Interior Designing Course Cost – Interior Designing Courses Fees Details

Looking forward to pursuing an interior designing course? If your decision depends on the interior design courses fees details, here’s a blog that aims at simplifying things a bit. Scroll down for more insights into it.

As a prospering industry across the country, the interior designing industry in India has witnessed a lot of fresh talent stepping in the industry, and contributing to it in several innovative ways. Interior designing institutes too, have been an active participant supporting the industry’s demands for a skilled workforce, thus creating a healthy and conducive ecosystem. Given the results delivered by some of the most reputed interior designing institutes to date, budding interior designers are well-confident of the bright career ahead. However, what matters to them is the interior design courses fees details. In the Indian context, especially, wherein students come from different economic backgrounds, it is necessary for them to aware of the interior designing course fees, so that they know how much exactly to prepare for! So, let us now look at some of the interior designing courses and their fees.

Interior Designing Courses Fees |What is Fee of Interior Designing Courses?

The course fee is based on the duration of the course, the specialization involved, and also the institute that offers it. Referring to this fact, interior designing courses fees would vary based on the institute that offers it, the course contents, and other features including the training sessions, infrastructure, exposure to the latest interior designing technology, workshops, etc. Let us take a look at the below table.

The fee range of the following interior designing courses is tentative and subject to change. It is necessary that you check the course fee of the interior designing institute you wish to enroll with and the interior designing course to enroll for.

Interior Designing CourseFees
Diploma in Interior Design20,000 INR to 2,20,000 INR
Advanced Diploma in Interior Design20,000 INR to 3,25,000 INR
Certificate Course in Interior Design5,000 INR to 2 lacs INR
B.Des Interior Design3 lacs INR to 19 lacs INR
Post Graduate Diploma in Interior Design30,000 INR to 3.5 lacs INR

We sincerely hope this blog has given you a quick insight into the interior design courses fees details, and you would now have a fair idea of choosing the right interior designing course for you.

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