Institute of Fashion Technology

Institute of Fashion Technology

Fashion Technology Course Details – Institute of Fashion Technology, Course Curriculum, Duration, and Eligibility

Fashion technology is something that results when creativity and innovation are blended with technology. Now there are several choices when it comes to choosing the right institute of fashion technology, pursuing a fashion technology course, and its associated career prospects. This blog is dedicated to discussing all these aspects of fashion technology. Scroll down to explore.

What is Fashion Technology? | The Concept of Fashion Technology

As opposed to the common understanding, fashion designing and fashion technology are two different concepts and occupations. Fashion designing, as we all know, is fundamentally associated with designing of costumes. Fashion technology, however, on the other hand, involves the science of fabric creation out of the material available. Further, it also indulges the use of various tools and techniques involved in the creation of fashion products.

Why is it Important to Pursue Fashion Technology from a Reputed Institute of Fashion Technology?

Remember, fashion technology is different from fashion designing. It is about studying science, technology, tools, and techniques. A reputed institute of fashion technology would acquaint you with all the latest trends and techniques associated with the world of fashion technology. Besides, the institute would also put you through diverse challenges in the form of internship projects. These projects would help you seek a first-hand understanding of the concerns and challenges prevalent in the industry, and how would you, as a fashion technology professional, prepare yourself to overcome all of them. Placements are another reason why you must always go for a fashion technology course with a reputed and established fashion technology institute.

Fashion Technology Course Details | Fashion Technology Course Curriculum

  • Course Name: Bachelor in Fashion Technology
  • Duration: 3-4 years
  • Eligibility: 10+2 or equivalent
  • Course Syllabus: Textile science, fundamentals of sewing, introduction to the fashion business, surface ornamentation, introduction to fashion art, English part 1 and 2, garment construction, pattern making basics, elements of fashion and advanced drawing, traditional Indian textiles and Indian art and costume history, design elements and application, fashion marketing, pattern manipulation, advanced garment construction, draping, garment assembling, computer graphics, export merchandising, advanced fashion illustration, textile design, theatre costume designing, accessory designing, portfolio development, project, and many more.
  • Career Opportunities: Fashion consultant, cutting assistant, apparel production manager, technical designer, design promoter, fashion trainer, graphic designer, fashion coordinator, production pattern maker, fabric buyer, and many others.

As fashion designing blossoms into a lucrative career opportunity, fashion technology as well is a promising one. Choosing the right institute of fashion technology and the right course could bring a lot of prospering fashion technology career opportunities in the long-run.

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