Diploma in Accounting and Finance

Diploma in Accounting and Finance at Times and Trends Academy

A career in Finance and Accounting is one of the most cutting edge professions right now.
Accounting means to keep a detailed record of a specific resource, asset, liability, revenue or expense.  The process of accounting provides track of business transactions and help to estimate the economic activities of any organization.
Finance means to provide funding to a person or to an enterprise. The process of finance refers to creation, management and study of banking, money, investments, assets and liabilities that make the financial systems.
Students will learn topics such as Fundamentals of accounting, Accounts & Audits, Advance Taxation, Financial Market and much more!
Many aspirants are entering into this ever growing career.
A Diploma in Accounting and Finance is the best way to start your rewarding career!

ELIGIBILITY:Candidates should have passed SSC Board Examination (Class 10).
CERTIFICATION:The students will get certification from following institutes after successful completion of the Diploma in Accounting and Finance course.

  1. City of Oxford College, UK.
  2. National Stock Exchange Academy’s Certification (NSE).
  3. Times and Trends Academy.




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Professional Certification Course in Accounting & Taxation

Fundamentals of Accounts

  1. Introduction
  2. Accounting Concepts & Principles
  3. Overview of Accounting Standard
  4. Sub-Fields of Accounting
  5. Mergers and Acquisitions

Accounts and Audits

  1. Basic Accounting Terminologies
  2. Book-keeping and Accountancy
  3. Classification of Account
  4. Source of Documents
  5. Journal and Ledger
  6. Subsidiary Books and Cash Books
  7. Bank Reconciliation Statement
  8. Rectification of Error
  9. Trial balance and Final Accounts
  10. Capital Expenditure and Revenue
  11. Bad Debt
  12. Depreciation
  13. Inventory
  14. Joint Venture
  15. Auditing Basic
  16. Techniques and procedures of Auditing
  17. Internal Control Check and Internal Audit
  18. Vouching
  19. Audit Report and Certification
  20. Types of Audit

Advance Taxation

  1. Income Tax
  2. Customs
  3. Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Tally - Version 9.4

  1. Complete Bookkeeping under Tally
  2. Why is tally the best for Basic Financial Management?
  3. Why is tally the best for Basic Inventory Management?
  4. Why is tally the best for Advanced Inventory Management?
  5. Technology advantage of Tally ERP-9.4

Industrial & Commercial Law

  1. The Indian Contract Act 1872
  2. The Factories Act 1948
  3. Sales of Goods Acts 1930
  4. The industrial Disputes Act 194 7
  5. Workmen compensation Act 1923
  6. Payment of Wages Act 1936
  7. Minimum Wages Act 1948
  8. Employees provident funds & miscellaneous Provisions Act 1952
  9. Payment of Bonus Act 1965
  10. Payments of Gratuity Act 1972
  11. Consumer protection Act 1986
  12. Negotiable Instruments Act 1881
  13. Companies Act 2013

Advance Excel

  1. Overview of the basics
  2. Text functions
  3. Date and time functions
  4. Statistical functions
  5. Logical functions
  6. Lookup functions
  7. Sorting & filtering for extracting & analysing data
  8. Miscellaneous topics
  9. Conditional formatting
  10. What if analysis
  11. Table Name manager
  12. Pivot tables
  13. Presenting data using charts

NSE Academy’s Certified Capital Market Professional (NCCMP)

Introduction To Financial Markets Curriculum

1) Introduction To Financial System
2) Primary Market
3) Financial Markets
4) Securities Market In India
5) Money Market
6) Forex Market
7) Commodity Derivatives Market
8) Commodity Derivatives
9) Financial Derivatives
10) Insurance Market
11) Corporate Actions
12) Chapter Financial Statements
13) Time Value Of Money
14) Regulators And Regulatory Framework

Derivatives Market Curriculum

1) Introduction to Derivatives
2) Introduction to Futures & Options and Swaps
3) Applications of Futures And Options
4) Trading
5) Clearing And Settlement

Fundamental Analysis Curriculum

1) Introduction
2) Fundamental Analysis
3) Value Investing
4) Valuation Of Stocks
5) Portfolio Management

Technical Analysis Curriculum

1. Introduction To Technical Analysis
2. Pattern Study
3. Indicators
4. Trading Strategies
5. Trading Psychology & Risk Management

Professional Certification Course in Banking

Indian Banking System

  1. Introduction and Banking History
  2. Indian Banking & Financial System
  3. Global Banking Finance
  4. Banking Terminologies
  5. Rules & Regulations
  6. Products & Services
  7. Commercial Banking
  8. Retail Banking
  9. Corporate Banking
  10. Merchant Banking
  11. Investment Banking
  12. Certificate Of Deposit
  13. Commercial Paper

Loans & Advances

  1. Introduction
  2. Types of Loans
  3. Loans offered by banks in India
  4. Mortgages

Advanced Excel

  1. Overview of the basics
  2. Text functions
  3. Date and time functions
  4. Statistical functions
  5. Logical function
  6. Lookup functions
  7. Sorting & filtering for extracting & analysing data
  8. Miscellaneous topic
  9. Conditional formatting
  10. What if analysis
  11. Table Name manager
  12. Pivot tables
  13. Presenting data using charts

Sales & Marketing

  1. Understanding the talk
  2. Getting Prepared to Make the Call
  3. Creative Openings
  4. Making Your Pitch
  5. Handling Objections
  6. What is Marketing
  7. Common Marketing Types
  8. Communicating the Right Way
  9. Customer Communications
  10. Marketing Goals
  11. The Marketing Funnel
  12. Marketing Mistakes (I)
  13. Wrapping Up

Project Work

Times and Trends Academy has developed the curriculum for diploma in Accounting and Finance course by covering all the important aspects related to Finance, Accounts, Banking and Sales.

Times &Trends Academy believes in potential strength of each and every student, so after the completion of Diploma in Accounting and Finance, students will be encouraged to attend a placement fair organized by our academy. In the placement fair, many eminent companies and people from banking sector visit and offer upcoming job opportunities to the students.
This fair also help students to develop their interview and technical skills.

Note: The course curriculum is subject to change as per the latest industry standards.


Who should pursue this course?

This course is relevant for those who want to build a career in specializations of Commerce field such as Taxation, Accounts & Finance, Banking, Insurance, Statistics and more. The course is useful for students who want to pursue higher studies in the field of finance and accounting.

What is the industry relevance of this course?

This course provides the access to industry experts in the field of Finance and Accounting. The main advantages of the course are the multiple certifications and industry based course curriculum. We have associations with City of Oxford College, UK and National Stock Exchange’s Academy for this course.

How will this course help you build a career?

The course in finance and accounting is beneficial for students as one can opt for working in government sector or join public sector for jobs. There are also ample of job opportunities in private sector for Banking, Insurance Industry, etc. After the diploma you can also pursue your higher studies by doing UGC NET or JRF; Junior Research Fellowship and build your career in teaching or research field.


Teaching Faculty

TTA has skilled and well qualified teaching faculty with 10+ years of working experience. These faculty members will provide valuable notes and hand-outs to the students.  Our faculties have experience in Accounts & Finance industry, which helps them train the students with industry relevant knowledge.

ACCA Authorized Partner

Times and Trends Academy is the only authorized partner with ACCA- Association of Chartered Certified Accountants based in Pune.

Workshops and Sessions

TTA conducts various workshops, sessions by industry experts related to finance and accounting.

E-learning Portal & TTA Youth App

Times & Trends Academy has introduced their own e-learning portal and Youth App for students. This allows students to gain lifetime access to lectures and study materials of the enrolled course at TTA.


Pankaj Kriplani


Education Qualification: B.com, FCA, FCS
Work Experience: 14 years

Swanand Gore


Educational Qualification: M.com, CA
Years of experience: 3+ years

Shruti Thakkar


Educational Qualification: B.com, CFA Level II
Work Experience: 4+ years

Rekha Bhudhia


Educational Qualification: CA
Work experience: 6+ years


Devyani Sharma

“Carving a desired career in Finance & Accounts is a tough task. One needs to have skill sets that the industries require. Conventional degrees do not help in getting the job today. Therefore, I enrolled with one of the best institutes. Times and Trends Academy’s Diploma in Finance & Accounts is really worth pursuing since it adds to a lot of weightage to the resume.”

Devyani Sharma

Neha Sonawane

“I was interested in knowing how capital market works, along with financial risk management also. So, finance and accounts course at TTA has bundled the best elements from finance & accounts industry, and put them together. Today, I can say that I am more skilled and also job-ready. I am glad that I could pick TTA, and would suggest the same to anyone who’s willing to stand apart from the crowd. Thank you, TTA.”

Neha Sonawane

Preetam Jagtap

“Times and Trends Academy is a great institute to be at. What I love the most is that faculties are very accessible and quite friendly too. I would recommend TTA to any student who’s looking forward to having a great career in Finance & Accounts.”

Preetam Jagtap

Poonam Game

“Sometime around last year, I decided that I would try for a job in government banks. The perks of working in a public sector are many, and the packages offered are also quite handsome. But, the entrance tests are  hard to crack, and lakhs of applicants compete for the positions. Therefore, one needs a good coaching, and I found an amazing coaching at TTA.”

Poonam Game

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