Capital Market Course

Capital Market Course at Times and Trends Academy

NSE Certified Capital Market Professional (NCCMP) is a skill development course to impart knowledge and develop skills and operate, invest, provide services in the capital markets.
It is an in-depth course focused on the capital markets, with theory and practical components which helps learners to upgrade their skills and proficiency.

 Capital Market Course will enable young aspirants to pursue a dream career in Share Markets as an Investor, Trader, Stock broker. One can learn about the know-hows and concepts related to Share market, finances, Investments and more by taking up a capital market course.

Times and Trends Academy offers you a Capital Market course certified by National Stock Exchange’s Academy (NSE).
In this course, students will learn about Capital Market Instruments, Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Portfolio Management and Derivatives.
There are a lot of job opportunities to pursue a career in Equity Market, Stock Exchange, Debt Market, Mutual Funds, Financial Consultancy, Financial Intermediaries, etc.

ELIGIBILITY:Candidates should have passed SSC Board Examination (Class 10).
CERTIFICATION:The students will get certification from following institutes after successful completion of the Capital Market Course.

  1. National Stock Exchange Academy’s Certification (NSE).
  2. Times and Trends Academy




Capital Market is a branch of Finances with numerous job opportunities in:

Equity Markets | Derivatives dealers | Broking Firms | Investment companies | Mutual Funds | Debt Markets | Financial Consultancy | Stock Exchange | Financial Intermediaries |

  • Commercial Banking Sector: Credit Analysis, Compliance Officer
  • Real Estate Sector: Portfolio Management, Credit Analysis, Risk Management
  • Insurance sector: Underwriting, Actuary
  • Government Contract Sector: Government Contract Analysis, Government Acquisition

Under the Capital market course, candidates are introduced to Capital Markets and Derivatives Market in detail.
By the end of the course they students have sessions on Fundamental and Technical Analysis.

Fundamentals of Accounts

  1. Introduction
  2. Accounting Concepts & Principles
  3. Overview of Accounting Standard
  4. Sub-Fields of Accounting
  5. Mergers and Acquisitions

Accounts & Audit

  1. Basic Accounting Terminologies
  2. Book-keeping and Accountancy
  3. Classification of Account
  4. Source of Documents
  5. Journal and Ledger
  6. Subsidiary Books and Cash Books
  7. Bank Reconciliation Statement
  8. Rectification of Error
  9. Trial balance and Final Accounts
  10. Capital Expenditure and Revenue
  11. Bad Debt
  12. Depreciation
  13. Inventory
  14. Joint Venture
  15. Auditing Basic
  16. Techniques and procedures of Auditing
  17. Internal Control Check and Internal Audit
  18. Vouching
  19. Audit Report and Certification
  20. Types of Audit

Advance Taxation

  1. Income Tax
  2. Customs
  3. Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Tally - Version 9.4

  1. Complete Bookkeeping under Tally
  2. Why is tally the best for Basic Financial Management?
  3. Why is tally the best for Basic Inventory Management?
  4. Why is tally the best for Advanced Inventory Management?
  5. Technology advantage of Tally ERP-9.4

Industrial & Commercial Law

  1. The Indian Contract Act 1872
  2. The Factories Act 1948
  3. Sales of Goods Acts 1930
  4. The industrial Disputes Act 194 7
  5. Workmen compensation Act 1923
  6. Payment of Wages Act 1936
  7. Minimum Wages Act 1948
  8. Employees provident funds & miscellaneous Provisions Act 1952
  9. Payment of Bonus Act 1965
  10. Payments of Gratuity Act 1972
  11. Consumer protection Act 1986
  12. Negotiable Instruments Act 1881
  13. Companies Act 2013

Advance Excel

  1. Overview of the basics
  2. Text functions
  3. Date and time functions
  4. Statistical functions
  5. Logical functions
  6. Lookup functions
  7. Sorting & filtering for extracting & analysing data
  8. Miscellaneous topics
  9. Conditional formatting
  10. What if analysis
  11. Table Name manager
  12. Pivot tables
  13. Presenting data using charts

The Capital Market course has an industry relevant course curriculum designed with the help of NSE’s Academy.


Who should pursue this course?

Anyone who has passed SSC board examination and want to pursue a career in Stock Market will find this course useful in their career. Anyone who wants to build their career in Finance will also find this course relevant.

What is the industry relevance of this course?

The Capital Market course will help you ascertain the required skills and practical knowledge to operate in the financial markets. The course consists of different modules on capital market which is beneficial to the candidates. Also the course is certified by NSE; National Stock Exchange’s Academy, which holds a good significance and credibility in the industry.

How will this course help you build a career?

This course has in-depth focus on the capital markets, with theoretical and practical components which help learners to upgrade their skills and overall proficiency. One can pursue a good career in Stock Markets as an Investor, Trader, Stock Broker, dealer or any Stock Market Intermediary.


Teaching Faculty

TTA has skilled and well qualified teaching faculty with good work experience in finance sectors. Therefore, our students are trained under industry professionals and cover all the industry relevant knowledge and skills.

Association with NSE Academy

Times and Trends Academy is proud to be associated with National Stock Exchange Academy. This association has created better educational opportunities to the students.

Technical and Fundamental analysis

We provide 20 hours of practical training to our students along with the theoretical sessions in this course. The course will help candidates to learn and understand the nuances of Technical and Fundamental analysis as these areas are in demand for a capital market professional.

E-learning Portal & TTA Youth App

Times & Trends Academy has introduced their own e-learning portal and Youth App for students. This allows students to gain lifetime access of lectures and study materials for enrolled course at TTA.


Pankaj Kriplani


Education Qualification:, FCA, FCS
Work Experience: 14 years

Swanand Gore


Educational Qualification:, CA
Years of experience: 3+ years


Shruti Thakkar


Educational Qualification:, CFA Level II
Work Experience: 4+ years


Rekha Bhudhia


Educational Qualification: CA
Work experience: 6+ years



Bhuvnesh Khule

“For me, it wasn’t really difficult to pick an institute for bank preparation exams. A friend enrolled for coaching with TTA last year and cracked the Bank PO exam. He recommended TTA to me, and since I have witnessed his results, I decided to enrol with TTA. My experience with TTA has been great. I wanted to improve my skills in Quantitative Apptitude, and TTA has helped me to overcome challenges I faced in calculations. Thank you so much.”

Bhuvnesh Khule

Shashikant Vyavahare

“The mental calculation tips offered at the institute are really brilliant and save a lot of time. I undertook many mock tests at TTA, and faculties here helped me analyse my weaknesses. With each test, I worked on the weaknesses and started doing well. My tests started reflecting the efforts that I put in. I am all set for the exams now. Thank You so much, TTA.”

Shashikant Vyavahare

Diamond Agrawal

“First of all, I would like to thank Times and Trends Academy for everything. Times and Trends Academy offers best knowledge as compared to other institutes for Finance & Accounts. The faculties are very experienced and are experts in finance domain. The faculties here are very friendly, supportive and polite. Indu Ma’am is my favourite, and she’s a great HOD.”

Diamond Agrawal


“I am from Afghanistan and I have been a part of Times & Trends Academy for over more than a year and half. My learning here has been amazing and cannot really compare the experience here with the learning that I had in my earlier days. I have always been supported by TTA staff throughout, and TTA has been a motivational journey for me. Thank you, TTA. Thank you, India.”


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