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ACCA Course at Times and Trends Academy

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is a UK-based body which offers a global certification in Accountancy. ‘Chartered Certified Accountant’ is the person who works in the area of Financial Reporting, Audit and Assurance, Taxation, Internal audit, Pricing etc.
Anyone who wants to build a career in Accounting for International clients has to qualify through ACCA examination. This examination is considered as challenging due to its high professional standards.

Students will have to qualify through F1-F9 examinations, complete ACCA Professional Ethics module and submit a business- related Research and Analysis project of approx. 9,500 words. After which you will get ACCA Certification by Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and a B.Sc degree in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University.

  • Times and Trends Academy (TTA) offers ACCA training program in form of ACCA course.
  • The ACCA course will provide coaching on all the subjects required for ACCA examination.
  • TTA is ACCA Authorized Training Partner which aims to provide best of training facilities to accounting students.

ACCA Training is important as it provides understanding in all aspects of business. It is the fastest growing training in the world. Employers all over the world, search for ACCA members to lead their business successfully.

DURATION:60 hrs for each subject
ELIGIBILITY:Candidates should have passed HSC Board Examination (Class 12) from any recognized college/university.
CERTIFICATION:ACCA- Association of Chartered Certified Accountants




Chartered Certified Accountants (CCAs) are a category of professionally qualified accountants with job opportunities:
In Professional Services, Commerce, Industry, Financial Services and Non-Profit Organizations, Banking Sector.

 As; Auditors | Accountants | Accounting Consultants | Tax Advisors | CFO’s | Financial Controllers |

In the ACCA course, candidates will give entry level exams (F1-F3) which will groom their basic knowledge about accounting. From the F4-F9 level exams, students will be trained to handle real life situations and get idea about global business opportunities in accounting.

Accountant in Business

  1. The Business organization, its stakeholders and the external environment
  2. Business organization structure, function and governance
  3. Accounting and reporting system, control and compilance.
  4. Leading and managing individual and terms
  5. Personal effectiveness and communication in business
  6. Professional ethics in accounting and business

Management Accounting

  1. The nature , sources and purpose of management information
  2. Cost accounting Techniques
  3. Budgeting
  4. Standard costing
  5. Performance measurement

Financial Accounting

  1. The context and purpose of financial reporting
  2. The qualitative characteristic of financial information
  3. The use of double entry & accounting systems
  4. Recording transactions and events
  5. Preparing a trail balance
  6. Preparation simple consolidated financial statements
  7. Interpretation of financial statements

Corporate and Business Law

  1. Essential elements of legal system
  2. International Business transactions
  3. Transportation & payments of International Business transactions
  4. Formation & constitution of business org
  5. Capital and financing of companies
  6. Management, admin & regulation of cos
  7. Insolvency law
  8. Corporate fraudulent and criminal behavior

Performance Management

  1. Specialist cost and management accounting techniques
  2. Decision making techniques
  3. Budgeting and Control
  4. Performance measurement and control


  1. UK Tax System
  2. Income tax & national insurance contributions
  3. Chargeable gains for individuals
  4. Tax administration for individuals
  5. Inheritance Tax
  6. Corporate Tax
  7. Value added tax

Financial Reporting

  1. The conceptual framework
  2. The regulatory framework
  3. Tangible non-current assets
  4. Intangible assets
  5. Impairment of assets
  6. Revenue
  7. Introduction to groups
  8. The consolidated statement of financial position
  9. The consolidated statement of profit or loss and other comprehensive income
  10. Accounting for associates
  11. Financial Instruments, Leasing
  12. Provision and events after the reporting period
  13. Inventories and biological assets
  14. Taxation
  15. Presentation of Published financial statements
  16. Reporting financial performance
  17. Earnings per share
  18. Calculation and interpretation of accounting ratios and trends
  19. Limitations of financial statements and interpretation techniques
  20. Not-for-profit and public sector entities

Audit & Assurance

  1. Audit and other assurance engagements
  2. Statutory audit and regulation
  3. Corporate Governance
  4. Professional Ethics & Quality Control Procedures
  5. Internal Audit
  6. Risk Assessment
  7. Audit Planning and Documentation
  8. Introduction to Audit Evidence
  9. Internal Control
  10. Tests of Control
  11. Audit procedures and sampling
  12. Non-current assets
  13. Inventory
  14. Receivables
  15. Cash and bank
  16. Not-for-profit organizations
  17. Audit Review and Finalization , Reports

Financial Management

  1. Financial Management Function
  2. Financial Management Environment
  3. Working Capital management
  4. Investment Appraisal
  5. Business finance
  6. Business Valuation
  7. Risk management

The ACCA course will have detailed course curriculum designed which will cover all the subjects of ACCA examination.


Who should pursue this course?

The ACCA course is known for its flexibility. Anyone can join the course and pursue their career in accounting right after 12th class examination.  You don’t need to be a Chartered Accountant to pursue this course.

What is the benefit of this course?

The ACCA course will have coaching on F1 to F9 subjects; Accountant in Business, Management Accounting, Financial accounting, etc. The coaching will provide regular Case-studies to develop the knowledge and practical expertise of our students. The course will help you acquire a world recognized professional degree certificate.

Do I get any exemption if I have completed my or CA Intermediate?

If you have completed or CA Intermediate you can directly give F5 level of examination and are exempted from appearing for F1-F4 exams.

How will this course help you build a career?

The course will help students to qualify the ACCA exams with good grades. After which they can pursue a B.Sc degree in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University. Students will also be eligible to work in areas of Financial Reporting, Audit and Assurance, Taxation and more on an International level.

What is the time for completion of the ACCA examination?

Candidates can complete F1-F4 examinations in 6 months.
In approximately one year a candidate can clear F1-F9 examination after ACCA course.


ACCA Authorized Training Partner

Times and Trends Academy is the ACCA Authorized Training Partner based in Pune.
TTA provides best of coaching facility to the ACCA course students by means of technical and practical knowledge.

Teaching Faculty

TTA has skilled and qualified teaching faculty with good work experience in finance and accounting sector.

Case-Study, Industrial Visits

We give importance on solving Case-studies to improve analytical and practical skills of our students. We also organize Industry visits from time to time.

E-learning Portal & TTA Youth App

Times & Trends Academy has introduced their own e-learning portal and Youth App for students. This allows students to gain lifetime access of lectures and study materials for enrolled course at TTA.


Pankaj Kriplani


Education Qualification:, FCA, FCS
Work Experience: 14 years

Swanand Gore


Educational Qualification:, CA
Years of experience: 3+ years


Shruti Thakkar


Educational Qualification:, CFA Level II
Work Experience: 4+ years


Rekha Bhudhia


Educational Qualification: CA
Work experience: 6+ years



Monika Kadam

“Times & Trends Academy is a different academy altogether. The faculties here are very supportive; therefore, the environment is really friendly, and students feel like coming back and look forward to attending each lecture. Teaching methods are also very innovative at TTA. It’s my favourite academy.”

Monika Kadam

Aref Raufi

“I am from Afghanistan, and after some research I found out that TTA is one of the best colleges for Finance and Accounts. At TTA, I attended some amazing workshops and they have been really helpful.  I have also made great friends at Times and Trends Academy. I think it has been a great decision to seek an admission into TTA. Thank you so much.”

Aref Raufi


“ACCA certification has global recognition and TTA is one of those institutes that offer excellent training on all the levels of ACCA. Passing ACCA requires a lot of preparation and TTA helped me a lot to crack my examinations.”


Edward Gomes

“The faculties have helped me a lot with my studies at Times & Trends Academy. The faculties stress on imparting practical knowledge, and I got personal attention for clearing all the doubts. Workshops conducted throughout the courses were like the cherry on the cake. Life of a TTA student is really unique in its own way. I am really glad about the decision that I made.”

Edward Gomes

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