Fashion Designing Courses in India

Fashion Designing Courses in India

Fashion Designing Courses in India – The List of Courses and Understanding the Scope

Fashion designing isn’t an exception to the growth that’s taking place in case of apparently every industry in India. Speaking of the fashion industry in particular, eventually everything boils down to the fashion career opportunities and the scope of the course. However, considering the fact that every aspiring fashion designer is different, and hails from a different economic, social and educational background, fashion designing institutes across the country have designed various courses to meet the requirements of all aspirants, and ensure that their fashion designing courses prove useful to as many people as possible. This blog talks about some of the fashion designing courses in India, and the scope in the form of the career prospects tethered to every course.

Fashion Designing Courses in India | Career Prospects of Fashion Designing Courses in India

Let us look at some of the fashion designing courses in India, the eligibility, duration and the corresponding career prospects for each one of it.

Course NameEligibility/ DurationCareer Prospects
B. Design (Fashion)10+2/4 yearsFashion product manager, fashion marketer, fashion merchandiser, fashion blogger, fashion designer, etc.
BSc Fashion Design10+2/3 yearsFashion consultant, apparel production manager, fashion coordinator, fabric quality control manager, etc.
Diploma in Fashion Design10+2/ 1 yearRetail manager, stylist, fashion merchandiser, fashion illustrator, fashion designer, etc.
Advance Diploma in Fashion Design10+2/ 2 yearsStylist, fashion trainer, fashion critic, clothing designer, clothing manufacturer, etc.
Master of Design in Fashion and TextilesGraduation/ 4 yearsFashion designer, textile designer, fashion journalist, branding consultant, merchandiser, trend researcher, fashion entrepreneur, product developer, etc.
Certificate Course in Fashion Designing10+2/ 6 months to 1 yearFashion assistant, fashion consultant, costume designer, etc.
Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion DesignGraduation (preferably in fashion designing)/ 2 yearsFabric buyer, fashion coordinator, costume designer, graphic designer, fashion designer, etc.

Now, there are many other courses, some of which resemble the above, however, known by different names and perhaps, with some variations in the course curriculum.

Hope, this blog gave you reasonable insights into what each of the fashion designing courses in India has got in the store for you. Although each of the above courses holds its own significance and competence in the world of fashion, it is imperative that you make a choice after certain personal feasibility checks, review the course content, and the placements offered through the fashion designing course/ fashion designing institute.

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