Fashion Designing Course Fee Details

Fashion Designing Course Fees Details

Fashion Designing Course Fee Details – How much to Invest

While pursuing a fashion designing course is a bright idea that leads to an even brighter career in the fashion industry, what confronts most of the budding fashion designers is the information on fashion designing course fee details. There’s nothing wrong in it. It is quite natural to be concerned about the hard-earned money that we’d be investing in a fashion designing course! So, how much exactly is fashion designing course fees, and why is it a prudent choice to pursue a fashion designing course as a whole, rather than attending a separate workshop through different channels for every element involved in it. Here’s a blog that puts some light on it.

Fees Details of the Fashion Designing Courses

Fashion designing, as you already know, isn’t only about the core subject, but about every other element or area of study that constitutes to becoming a comprehensive fashion designer. However, often, a lot of students choose to go for different workshops to only end up paying excessively more than it was actually required. So, here’s a short comparison of what an investment with separate workshops and with pursuing a single fashion designer course would look like.

For instance, let us consider some fashion designing course fee details conducted by TTA and its details, as against individual workshops, seminars or consultations.

Sr. NoCourseType of CourseTotal Course Fees at TTATotal Cost when Paid in InstallmentsCost of the Seminars/ Workshops when Attended Separately
1Fashion Lifestyle and Boutique Management Entrepreneurial1,99,000 INR per year2,09,000 INR per year19,74,000 INR
2Fashion Styling and Image DesignManagerial1,45,000 INR per year1,55,000 INR per year13,20,000 INR
3Fashion DesigningTechnician (Gold)79,000 INR per year89,000 INR per year3,54,000 INR
4Fashion DesigningTechnician (Platinum)99,000 INR per year1,09,000 INR per year12,74,000 INR

Considering the expanse and also the expenses of all the course contents involved in fashion designing, TTA certainly offers value for money with each course. For a detailed insight though, refer to TTA’s brochure that categorically talks about every course and its course content, along with the cost of every topic to thus derive the costs specified in the last column of the above table.

Education is an investment. However, as with all the other investments, you must be wise enough to ensure that this investment as well is smart and sensible enough. TTA’s fashion designing course after 12th is a smart choice as it covers all the important subject-matter involved in fashion designing, and offers exposure to the latest tools, techniques, projects, and the stalwarts of the industry.

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