Career Scope Of animation courses In India

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The Career Scope of Animation Courses in India

Animation, if looked at a non-technical manner, could be defined as a melting pot of technology and creativity. It is one of those very few career streams or concepts, wherein the aspirants are required to be technologically creative, and this is the reason why animators and animation courses are in demand everywhere. With the growth of large scale production houses in the country, and with educators as well promoting animation through a lot of competitive animation courses, a career in animation certainly seems to be immensely promising in the years to come. Here, we’ll be looking at the career scope and career prospects of animation courses in India.

The Growing Animation Industry in India

The animation industry has come a long way. Yes, right from being something that was minimally required, and was confined to limited characters and storylines, animation has grown enormously in the last two decades or so. But, with entertainers turning more ambitious, and wanting to make sequences, movies, shots more effective and impactful, animation’s importance and relevance in the industry is only growing by the day. The Indian entertainment industry in India is said to be employing around 30-50k animators and VFX professionals! But, with the increasing importance of animation in almost every department of the entertainment industry, the number is slated to cross the 4 lac mark by the next 4-5 years.

Animation Course Career Options

Animation courses are aimed at leveraging the candidate’s creativity, to incorporate it with the development of technological proficiency and intellect. Besides, the course intends to develop practical and professional abilities as required by the industry, so that the animation industry, as well as the candidates mutually benefit. For instance, one of the most sought-after animation courses is BSc. Multimedia (Animation and Graphics) course. After completion of the course, candidates, who’ve now become animation professionals, could start working at the following positions. Some of these positions are experienced based.

  • Graphics designer
  • Animator
  • Games developer
  • Production coordinator
  • Film director
  • Multimedia specialist
  • Television producer
  • Production designer
  • Illustrator and many others.

Animation is certainly a lucrative career option for everyone who’s creative, and wants to demonstrate his creativity by incorporating technology and leveraging both these capabilities to create something absolutely unique and mind-blowing. As a budding animator, if you genuinely wish to carve a name in the animation industry, get in touch with your nearest animation academy. TTA (Times and Trends Academy) would be a great choice in this regard.

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