10 Things to Look for in Best Fashion Designing Colleges

Things consider choosing fashion designing colleges

A career in Fashion Designing is no longer considered as an unconventional career option.
In recent years we have stopped following the traditional career choices like Engineering and Medical and step into more creative career options like Fashion Designing, Interior Designing, Photography, etc.

Many of you might be in a dilemma about, ‘How to select from Best Fashion Designing colleges?’
When you search on the internet you come across an endless list. This can cause a lot of confusion.
The best institute after the 12th examination is most likely to act as a strong foundation for students. It is also an important step in every student’s academic life.

If you feel like you are stuck and need someone to guide you, read on,
I have come up with 10 steps which will help you decide what makes a college best so that you can begin your career in fashion right away!

  1. Accreditation or Affiliations

If you decide to study in a private fashion designing college look for the affiliations and technical collaborations made by the college or academy with other renowned institutions.  This will give you an idea of the credibility and standard of that academy.

If you want to choose from government colleges, make sure the college has been recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC), a statutory body of the Government of India and Association of Indian Universities (AIU).

2. Teaching Faculties, Mentors

If you want to be the best you should learn from the masters! This statement holds true as you always look up to your teachers for Inspiration. In Fashion Designing, a person with a lot of industry exposure and work experience would be an ideal teaching faculty. He/she will be able to guide students better and provide theoretical as well as practical knowledge with ease. Many times, colleges have chief mentors which can guide you as well as provide you with upcoming industry opportunities. So don’t forget to know about their faculty as well as mentors.

3. Infrastructure

A fashion design college must have a well built and attractive infrastructure. You feel good on a beautiful campus and when you feel good you can study better! The campus should also be equipped with proper hygiene facility.  Fashion designing colleges should have that creative and upbeat vibe!

4. Sewing Machines & Other Resources

A fashion designing college should have facilities such as Sewing machines, Mannequins, computer labs, software used in designing, conference halls, event halls, reading rooms and library resources with reputed journals, magazine publications, and other information sources.

5. Placements

Student placement record is an essential factor to consider before selecting a fashion designing college. The aim of educational institutions is to create professionals that can work in the real world. A good fashion designing college must have a decent placement record with 100% placement assistance facility. Fashion Designers are in demand for Bollywood movie projects. A college which will help you break into the Bollywood as a Fashion Designer would be ideal, wouldn’t it?

6. Fashion Shows, Events

As the fashion industry is full of glamor and happening events, students studying in fashion designing colleges also have to attend many such fashion events organized in the city. Many times fashion designing colleges themselves host Fashion Shows and events. So look out for the college events and see which of these events grab your attention.

7. Alumni Network

Best fashion designing colleges will have a strong alumni network. You can ask for alumni records and see where those students are placed. You can take a call whether or not to join this college by reflecting on their success stories.

8. Social Media presence 

You aren’t supposed to judge a book by its cover but you can judge a college by their social media presence. A college with regular event updates, creative photographs and happy faces on social media is most likely to attract you. Social media is an effective source to check the credibility and active status of the fashion designing colleges.

9. Mass Media coverage

The best fashion designing colleges will have media covering their events and success stories. So, do a background check and research about the colleges, make sure to read the news by various media outlets.

10. International exposure

Last but not least the best fashion designing colleges must provide students with International exposure. Fashion designing is a vast industry with continuous growth.
The information about new fashion updates and lifestyle trends is endless. The colleges should provide Scholarship programs which will help students travel and study abroad to gain better opportunities.

Now that you are aware of the things to look for in the best fashion designing colleges, start discovering your college wisely. Be picky and smart while selecting the institute and as you deserve the best, never compromise!

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