ACCA Training Providers

ACCA Training Providers

ACCA Training Providers – Knowing their Types and Which one to Choose!

Speaking on ACCA training providers, ACCA has categorized all of its training providers into three categories. These categories are specified on its website, though we will take a look at all of them through this blog of ours. Besides, this blog also talks about the nearest ACCA Training provider. So, let’s get started!

What is an ACCA Course?

At the outset, let us understand what does an ACCA course entail, and how is it advantageous for an individual, whether a business owner or an employee, to pursue the course, and therefore look at better career prospects. When it comes to business, and particularly as a business owner, you really cannot limit yourself to your own area of expertise. Knowing what’s happening around, especially in the areas of finance, taxation, audit, and law, is as critical as earning business for the organization. So, now as a responsible businessman or as a responsible employee of an organization, it is imperative that you broaden your horizon, and be a better and learned professional through the ACCA course.

As the ACCA course is designed from the viewpoint of helping people manage their businesses in a better and wiser manner, it deals with a wide range of topics, all of which are necessary to run business operations successfully. ACCA involves learning business accountancy, corporate and business law, taxation, financial accounting, management accounting, financial reporting, performance management, financial management, and audit and assurance. These topics, in turn, are comprised of sub-topics that add to your understanding of various business-related reports, documents, and taxation systems, etc. Of course, we’ll look at each of the subject-matter and its inclusions in the blogs to come. For now, the outline should suffice!

ACCA Training Providers | Categories of ACCA Learning Providers | Three Types of ACCA Learning Providers

  1. Platinum Approved Learning Partners: This is the highest level of ACCA’s Learning Partner Programme. These partners are compliant with the highest standards and have the highest contributions towards the students’ success.
  2. Gold Approved Learning Partners: These ACCA training providers too are excellent performers when it comes to matching organizational standards, and the success of their students.
  3. Silver Learning Partners: The silver ones as well are approved ACCA learning providers, and are active players in terms of contributing high-quality education, ACCA courses, and in regard to reaching the gold standards.

Times and Trends Academy, popularly known as TTA, is ACCA’s gold approved learning partner and has been instrumental in building the careers of a lot of students. TTA operates 7 centers across Pune, and therefore, you’d always an ACCA training provider in the form of TTA near you!

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