ACCA Providers in Pune

ACCA Providers in Pune

Searching for ACCA Providers in Pune? Here’s your Answer!

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, also known as ACCA within the finance circles, is a worldwide accountancy body. The ACCA course holds some bright career prospects in the long run, and which is why a lot of professionals are seen to be opting for this course. For everyone, who’s interested in enrolling for the ACCA program, and searching for ACCA providers in Pune, here’s some vital insight.

Why Pursue the ACCA Program?

Business has got several intertwined intricate verticals, the knowledge of which is a must for every entrepreneur. Business owners, who keep themselves limited to their own area of expertise, perhaps, remain reliant on others to make the decisions. However, the ACCA program is one of its kind professional education program that aims at offering a better understanding of the financial, administrative, management, auditory and legal aspects of the business. So, of course, sales-marketing and operations would be one side of it, however, with this course, the professional or the entrepreneur would now be aware of the functioning and the technicalities of the other departments well.

Now, that’s the qualifying part of it. The returns on pursuing an ACCA program are measurable in terms of the job prospects that it offers. Being a globally recognized body, ACCA professionals earn access to consulting jobs across the world, thus making it a true career-booster!

ACCA Providers in Pune | Where should I do the ACCA Course in Pune?

There are some of them, though; TTA is one of the prominent ones. The duration of TTA’s ACCA training program is 60 hours, and the eligibility for which is 10th or 12th. Successful students get an ACCA certificate through TTA. Doing the ACCA program with TTA gives you access to ACCA program trainers who’ve earned extensive professional as well as academic experience. Besides, you’d be given sufficient time to clear your doubts and concerns, vital tips on resume-building, interview, etc. The best feature of the ACCA training with TTA is that the course is practical and job-specific. This works as an assurance of jobs for the successful candidates, based on the skills they develop and their interviews with the employer.

ACCA is a professional course that proves useful for employers as well as employees. While it helps employers understand their business in a better manner, it helps employees augment their overall skills, and therefore also increases their eligibility towards promotions, etc. We’d keep discussing ACCA program, ACCA providers and other details of the ACCA program such as the course syllabus, etc. Follow this space, as we’d keep coming with more information in the days to come!

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