Wish to Pursue an IFRS Course? Know the IFRS Course Fees and get your Finances Aligned!

ACCA IFRS course is one of the more competitive and comprehensive course when it comes to becoming a certified IFRS professional. However, it is imperative that along with the requisites to qualify for the course, you must also prepare for the necessary IFRS course fees. ACCA IFRS is a fruitful educational investment, as it qualifies for you a lot of associated global job positions. Here’s more to the ACCA IFRS course fees details.

ACCA IFRS Course Outline

TTA is a gold level education provider on ACCA’s list, which denotes that it is one of the most prestigious education institutions when it comes to pursuing ACCA IFRS course. However, before we proceed with directly looking at the ACCA IFRS course fees, we’d be looking at the outline of what exactly would you be studying in the course, so that you are in cognizance of the learning value that you’d be getting of the course fees paid.

  • ACCA IFRS Diploma Course Curriculum: This course covers vital topics such as the following
  • Elements of Financial Statements: Financial instruments, share based payment, impairment of assets, intangible assets and goodwill, accounting for taxation, revenue, foreign currency transactions, and many others.
  • Presentation and Additional Discloser: Earnings per share, presentation of published financial statement, reporting for small and medium sized companies, financial performance reporting, and miscellaneous standard: related party discloser and segment reporting.
  • Preparing External Financial Reports for Combined Entities and Joint Arrangements: Accounting for joint arrangements, PnL and other comprehensive income consolidated statement, constitution of a group, accounting for associates, and financial position consolidated statement.
  • ACCA IFRS Certificate Course Curriculum: This course is comprised of the nature and operations of the IASB, presentation and profit, the status and the use of IAS/ IFRS across the globe, disclosure standard, group accounting, Accounting for Assets and Liabilities – part 1 and 2, current issues in IFRS standards, and the principle differences between IFRS and UK GAAP/ US GAAP.

ACCA IFRS Course Fees

TTA offers the following courses at the following fees.

  • Diploma IFRS: 25,000 INR + 18% GST + 120 GBP
  • Certificate IFRS: 20,000 INR + 18% GST

Besides, the competitive course curriculum, TTA has the training sessions delivered through industry experts that help build technical, conceptual as well as the practical skills required to succeed in the finance and accounting stream.

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