6 Tools Every Fashion Designing Course Student Must Have in the Fashion Designing Kit

6 Tools for Fashion Designing Course

While pursuing a fashion designing course, the more equipped you are with your fashion designing tools, the better your design pans out to be. Here are 5 essential tools that students pursuing fashion designing courses must have in their kit.

Must have Tools for Students of Fashion Designing Colleges

  1. Measuring Tape: As a fashion designing student, people would be eager to submit their measurements to you and get an elegant gown stitched! Hence, you must always keep a measuring tape handy with you. Buy multiple, so that one remains with you, one in your fashion designing kit, and the others at your workplace.
  2. Pair of Scissors: Scissors form a fundamental tool for fashion designing textile courses. Buy multiple-sized scissors so that you keep one for the cardboard, another to cut paper, and the other to cut the cloth. Ensure that you regularly oil, sharpen and carefully store your scissors.
  3. Sewing Machine: Ensure that you buy a good quality, durable and heavy duty sewing machine. As a one-time investment, go for tested and proven models only.
  4. Pearl Head Pins: Pearl head pins are amongst the simplest to use. They are visible and simpler to tether to apparels. Besides they are appropriately sized and preferred over the colored counterparts.
  5. Dress Forms: Having both, stock size and adjustable is better, as the former fits for standard sized clothes, while the other could be adjusted based on the client’s dress size.
  6. Fashion Stationery: For fashion illustrations keep colored sketch-pens, papers, watercolors, pencils, and markers handy.

So, if you too are pursuing BSc in Fashion Designing, pattern making and garment construction course, etc. you must have the aforesaid 6 tools in your fashion designing kit. Read our next blog “Tips for pattern making”

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