VFX Course

VFX Course at Times and Trends Academy

What is the difference between Animation and VFX?

  • Animation is a dynamic medium in which images or objects are manipulated to appear as moving images.
  • Visual Effects (abbreviated VFX) combines existing footage with computer generated imagery to create realistic scenes.

In the recent years, there is a surge in content production for various media platforms.
This has caused an immense competition with respect to content creation in the industry.
The demand for post-production techniques such as adding visual effects to the content and making things larger than life has increased drastically. One can do a VFX course to learn the editing techniques and join the blooming film or advertising industry.

  • Indian Films such as Krrish, Robot, Baahubali, Magadheera, Eega, Katmarayudu and Kick have heavily used VFX.
  • Visual effects are an essential component of Indian advertisements as well.

These effects enhance the mysticism of the character as well as the plot of the audio-visual contents.
Times and Trends Academy offers you a diploma in VFX course for young talented individuals who want to become successful in this field.

ELIGIBILITY: Candidates should have passed SSC Board Examination (Class 10).
CERTIFICATION: Times and Trends Academy




VFX Compositor | VFX Designer | 3D Asset Artist | Rotomation Artist | Roto & Roto-prep Artist | Match moving Artist | Compositor | Storyboard Artist | Video Editor |

The VFX course covers topics such as DSLR videography, Adobe After-Effects, 3DS Max Dynamics, Maya Dynamics, Mesh, Fume FX, Rayfire, Nuke, Photoshop and more!
Students can learn the Basics of photography, Digital Design, VFX case studios, Advance composing, Projection for visual effects, 3D Design, etc. by the end of this course.

  • DSLR Videography– Video Shoot, filmmaking
  • Photoshop– Collage, restoration, retouching, black and white to color, matte painting, digital painting
  • Adobe After Effect– compositing, green screen removing, tracking, roto-scoping, color correction, effects
  • Maya Dynamics– particles, fluid, cloth, rigid and soft bodies,
  • PF Track– real camera tracking software
  • 3DS Max Dynamics– particles
  • Rayfire– basting and demolition
  • Fume FX­– fire and smokes
  • Nuke– node based compositing software, roto-scoping, compositing, green screen removing, tracking, color correction, effects

TTA has an up-to-date course curriculum designed for the students as per the industry requirements.
In the VFX course, students will not only learn about the essential editing techniques but also gain conceptual knowledge regarding the post-production methods.

Times & Trends Academy believes in potential strength of each and every student, so after the completion of VFX course, students will be encouraged to attend a placement fair organized by our academy. Every year we organize a placement fair wherein many eminent companies offer upcoming job opportunities to our students. This fair will also help students to develop their interview and technical skills. We assure you the best of job opportunities and placements in the renowned companies by means of this placement fair. We provide 100% placement assistance!


Teaching Faculty

TTA has skilled professionals to teach the VFX course. Our experienced teaching faculties will transform amateurs into professionals.


In this VFX course we aim to train students with practical knowledge and for that we teach them latest softwares such as:

  • Adobe After-Effects CC
  • 3DS Max Dynamics (2017)
  • Maya Dynamics (2017)
  • Mocha (version 6)
  • Fume FX (version 5)
  • Rayfire (version 1.3)
  • Nuke (version 11.1)
  • Photoshop CC (2017)
  • PF Track (version 2017)


TTA has specially designed classrooms along with computer labs for students. The spacious and advanced computer lab will be utilized for teaching the course.

E-learning Portal & TTA Youth App

Times & Trends Academy has introduced their own e-learning portal and Youth App for students. All the study material and lectures will be shared with lifetime access for students.


Harshal Patil


Head of the Department
Work Experience: 10+ years

Ajesh Parikar


Faculty: Communication
Work Experience: 4+ years

Shekhar Deshmukh


Faculty: Production
Work Experience: 4+ years



Anisha Kukreja

“There were so many highlights of ‘Attitude’ session in the fashion program but here are my take-away from the session: 1. Let go of things which are not important and focus on things which are useful 2. Not to keep the burden of “Ego – Eliminating good opportunities” 3. Coming out of comfort zone – This is the time to get out of our comfort zone and do what is required in life. Over all, it was much needed session for motivating us and keep us going in life no matter what.”

Anisha Kukreja

Purva bhutada

“It was great experience to gain the knowledge from this fashion program. It was a step-by-step throughout​ elaboration of what and how we need to get things done in the world of fashion designing. Thank you so much Times & Trends Academy & Amit sir for such a wonderful fashion program.”

Purva Bhutada

Manali Shelke

“First of all, I am very thankful to Amit sir & Chandrakant sir for having created a new platform for us students. I am very grateful of TTA. I am enjoying this journey in a very positive & energetic way. Today, I realized we have to start our professional life, and for that we should be active & be ready to face any challenge. Thank you so much everyone at TTA.”

Manali Shelke

Aparna Agrawal

“I was waiting for a right opportunity to explore my talent and skip conventional career choices. TTA was like an answer to my prayers. It taught me Fashion Design with such precision and perfection that today, I am an accomplished self-employed designer. TTA has given a definite direction to my life. I would like to thank TTA for all the commendable efforts & also thanks Chandrakant sir & TTA for giving me an opportunity to work for ‘ Padmaavat ’ movie.”

Aparna Agrawal