3D Animation Courses

3D Animation

To animate is to put life into something. Animation, over the years, has gained immense popularity, and with the rise of several global animation companies, the industry has witnessed a huge influx of budding animators, full of innovative ideas and entertaining characters all set to create history. TTA, with the viewpoint of the large ongoing requirement of animators across the globe, offers some of the best 3D animation courses, helping aspirants get a solid start in the animation industry. Here’s more on our 3D animation courses.

With over 300 animation studios, 40 visual effect studios, and 85 game development studios, our country could be termed as an emerging animation market, offering a huge potential for creative animators. However, with only around 15000 animators working across the country, the industry is in search of animators, and that’s where professional 3D animation courses prove to be instrumental.

TTA 3D Animation Courses

TTA offers top-class 3D animation courses that aim at developing the professional animation expertise of an individual. We aim at contributing top-class animators to the animation industry. The course focuses more on practical learning through various animation workshops, industry visits, and training sessions delivered by industry stalwarts. These aspects help students have a close look at the industry and understand its dynamics. Besides, TTA facilitates practice on the best and latest animation software used in the industry. This prepares students for the diverse challenges and requirements of the industry.

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Here are some reasons as to why you must choose TTA for 3D animation courses.

  • Personalized coaching to all the students
  • Exclusive focus on developing practical technical expertise.
  • Resume building and interview preparation
  • Latest learning infrastructure and encouraging learning environment

Animation Career Options

Here are some of the animation career options that you may choose after the 3D animation course.

  • Work with television channels, gaming companies, comics, newspapers, internet advertising, movies, etc.
  • Animation trainer
  • Freelancing animator
  • Animation entrepreneur, etc.

Creativity constitutes to be the most fundamental requisite to be a successful animator. Besides, hands-on expertise on the latest animation technologies, awareness of the latest animation trends, and the ability to create intriguing characters, also make a successful animator. TTA, with a proven track record, continues to contribute the industry with creative animators. A lot of our students are already pursuing a successful animation career. You too may be a part of those! Call TTA today at +91- 20 – 66815300, and enroll for our 3D animation courses.

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